The Aesop Room

This the final image of the opening prologue scene. It is set long ago in ancient Greece, so the mice are wearing togas. I plastered the whole wooden frame, then painted the cat fresco on the back wall using gouache. After I finished painting the fresco, I sanded certain areas and dripped water onto the whole thing so it would look aged. The floor is also plaster that has been carved into stone shapes and painted. I shot light through an arched door opening on the right so it would look like natural lighting.
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We considered making this image the cover.
The frame for this page is a Greek key pattern to differentiate from the rest of the story which takes place in a different time period.
Test Shot 3. This was shot before I had painted the additional mice.Larger scroll around version.
Test Shot 2.
Test shot 1.
The Greek Mice In Progress

The characters were painted with oils on gessoed paper before they are cut out. These photos are from when I was still working on them.
Pencil sketches.

The Aesop Room In Progress

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The side walls of the room.
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The Castle Exterior
The Basement
The Powder Room
The Library
The Ballroom
The Dining Room
The Bedroom
The Kitchen
The Aesop Room
The Characters

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